Things You Should Keep In Your Military Survival Gear

Things You Should Keep In Your Military Survival Gear

If you ever go camping, you will be the only one who can understand this article best. Whenever the word camping appears in our mind then the first thing that all of us think about is the issues and problems most campers have to face. The worst situation is when you don't have enough camping equipment but face an emergency.

Hence, it is always suggested to be prepared well before going camping. Make sure you have all the camping equipment that may include medical supplies, live-saving kits or food storage, etc. In today's article, we will discuss the important things to be kept in military survival gear. You can have enough info about the camping survival kit from the given article.

Military Survival Gear

If you are thinking of camping then it's an important step to keep particular pieces of equipment in a military survival kit. These types of pieces of equipment are discussed below:

Emergency Flashlight

The most important thing is the affordable small-size LED flashlight. The small size of the flash will help to fit in your hand and Pocket easily. Must keep in mind that the beam distance of the flashlight must be more so that you can also see things easily.

Wrench Or Pliers

Wrench is no doubt the most helpful tool if you want to turn off utilities. This is portable but very beneficial, especially for pulling up tent stakes, ripping cloth and cutting rope, etc. We can say that it acts as a multi-working tool.

Food For Your Pet

If you have a pet along with you then it's very important to keep the supplies for your pet. So, that your pet doesn't have to be hungry for a long time.

First Aid Kit

Now we are going to discuss another important camping survival gear tool that all people must have who are camping. First Aid Kit contains common types of equipment that are used for minor as well as big injuries.

Local Maps

There may be a situation when you get lost while camping, for this map plays a great role. You can look for the right path from the local map that you have. Moreover, it will also help you to mark the places where you are going.


As we know, the air is contaminated day by day. Hence, it's a great idea to keep a mask with you so that you can cover your mouth every time you pass by a place that is dirty or have a smelly environment.

Survival Shovel Camping Axe Set

You must have an all-in-one survival shovel kit that contains all the survival tools including basic outdoor tools. The most amazing fact about this kit is that it has lots of advantages and is very affordable.

Final Words

Military survival gear plays a great role in camping especially when you come across a sudden emergency. If you are also one of those who are thinking of going to a camp then the above article is best for you. Above discussed things are the most essential types of equipment that every camping survival gear must contain.