Common Hazards Associated With Pressure Washing

Common Hazards Associated With Pressure Washing

As effective as pressure washing is in cleaning unwanted stubborn stains, it is also quite dangerous to use, especially when you do not follow the safety instructions usually attached to the pressure washers. As you may know, pressure washers are power tools that spray water at high pressures to remove dirt from different types of surfaces such as wood, asphalt, metal, and concrete. The hazards associated with pressure washing are usually linked with using pressure washers at the highest blasting power, exposing you to more threats than you can imagine.

As you read on, you will find the most expected hazards associated with pressure washing; however, take note of these precautions when using pressure washers.

  • Do not use the spray from pressure washers to push or move objects.
  • Do not direct the washer at yourself or other people.
  • Ensure to test the circuit breaker before using any pressure washer.
  • Always plug a well-grounded pressure washer into an adequately supported receptacle.
  • Wear shoes with rubber soles to insulate your feet/body when using the pressure washing device.
  • Do not cut the power tool's cord or extension cords for any reason.
  • Ensure you reach out to a professional electrician to examine your pressure washer whenever it gets faulty.

5 Common Hazards Associated With Pressure Washing

Physical damages

Physical damages connected to pressure washing include abrasions, blindness, and intense injuries caused by the handler's inability to control the hose. You should know that the forceful spray from a pressure washer can cause wounds that may initially appear minor but could cause severe problems in the future. Such injuries cause you to delay treatment, increasing the risk of infection, disability, and most probably amputation.

Electrical damages

The typical electrical damage associated with pressure washing when the pressure washer is not used correctly is electrical shocks. As the washers combine electric power with water, it increases the chances of the handler being electrocuted when not enough care is taken.

Surface damages

There are certain surfaces that do not require the amount of pressure from pressure washers, no matter how convinced you are otherwise. In addition, washing too close to some surfaces like wood or painted platforms can cause permanent damage such that the varnish chips away or the wood is weakened.

Chemical damages

If your pressure washer uses small gas-powered engines, they are highly likely to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it is advisable to use such equipment outdoors and not in enclosed spaces, provided that the engine can be placed in the open, far away from air consumption. Furthermore, pressure washing involves the use of certain chemical substances that could cause health problems when they seep into a puncture or cut on your skin.


After reading this article, you are now aware of how powerful pressure washers are and the dangers of using them carelessly. However, that should not deter you from purchasing the device irrespective of the price list or connected threats, as you can make the best use of it by following the proper guide on how to go about pressure washing any surface.