Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House For Winter

Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House For Winter

Cat house is nothing but a shelter for cats. To protect the cats from any kind of danger this kind of winter cat house is essential. However, to protect the cars from big and dangerous animals a cat house is necessary. Nonetheless, these pet houses are portable. People can easily carry them from one place to another and are travel friendly. It can be a safe place for the kitten to live a cautious life and can grow safely. Apart from these, there are several other benefits of cat houses. So, if you want to grab any such cat house you can opt for Aivituvin. It is such a brand that provides some comfortable and durable cat houses at a very reasonable price.

This article is presented in front of you to provide all kinds of ideas about Aivituvin outdoor cat house. As the blog proceeds, it will convey the different types of products with their features.

Product Range

1. AIR 37

This model from Aivituvin has an extra-large outdoor cat door. It provides a large spacious area for the cats to perform certain activities like jumping, climbing, and so on. This product is appropriate for giving your cats an aroma of outdoor activities. However, AIR 37 is eco-friendly and doesn't contain any toxic paint.

2. AIR 22

This model from Aivituvin has 4 wheels and can be moved from one place to another with great ease. The waterproof asphalt roof of AIR 22 makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. However, the 3 platforms of the products are made to provide the cat with a full pleasure roaming around. At the bottom of this model, a layer of PVC is attached to make the cleaning process easy.

3. AIR 09-B

This model is one of the eco-friendly ones and is a comfortable residence for small pets. However, it also has a resting room with a comfortable sleeping compartment. The waterproof asphalt roof is enough for outdoor and indoor enjoyment for the cats.

4. AIR 33

This model from Aivituvin has a large balcony to provide the cats with a great enjoyment area. However, the asphalt roof and the PVC door curtain are enough to protect the cat house from any kind of damage. It also provides a spacious area for the enjoyment of the cats. 29.53"L x 28.86"W x 27.76"H is the overall size of this kind of cat house.

5. AIR 14

High-quality plywood and solid inner wood are installed in this kind of model from Aivituvin. The inner ramps of the house provide a nice comfort for the cat during playing. 28.3"L x 21.7"W x 33.9"H is the overall dimension of this model AIR 14. However, it mainly has a bigger size than the above-mentioned model from Aivituvin.

Easy To Assemble

Every product from Aivituvin is easy to assemble. The buyers don't need to have a vast idea or capability of handling equipment. They can easily assemble each part of the cat house with great solace.

Protects Your Cat From Outside Temperature

A cat house is a place for providing them great comfort and relief. However, the products or raw materials used to not down the cat house are enough to protect the cats from the outside temperature.


A cat house is sufficient to provide a perfect comfort range for your cats. The size of a cat house can be determined by how many cats you have or how many cats you want to accommodate in a single cat house. So, if you want to grab a good quality cat house you can consider Aivituvin without any second thought.